Financial Analysis and Modeling

We help our clients to combine key accounting, finance, and business metrics to build an abstract representation or model of a company’s financial situation. It enables clients to visualize its current financial position and predict future financial performance.

Business Planning & Financial Management

Whether you need help in identifying, assessing and capitalizing on new opportunities, providing realistic and optimistic scenarios, creating action plans that will mitigate those risks. Inadequate financial management often leads to business failure, that’s why we assist our clients in their daily task management to recognize business changes as it grows, so they can focus on its future.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Assistance in identifying, creating and managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) whom represent critical key progress points in relation to an end outcome. We aim to improve strategic and operational activities, establish analytical base for decision making and have a clear view on meeting their organization targets and success.

Cash Flow and Revenue Management

We steer clients in tighter controls of cash flow management as a one of crucial processes following incoming and outgoing cash for their businesses. Better prediction, being solvent and liquid helps your business for future investments and keeping your current business needs and obligation covered. Revenue management presents a business process designed to optimize the financial performance of your operation through all market conditions. We optimize data analytics, customer behavior assumption, product availability and price to maximize best possible top line.

Financial and Operational Due Diligence

Due Diligence is very important and long process for successful completion Mergers & Acquisitions deal. It involves processes covering different business segments starting from financial statements and accounting records, to key staff members and contracts. Our services typically include coverage of these two key areas – financial and operational due diligence studies.

Business Valuation

Business valuation may be conducted for clients to provide an accurate picture of the company's financial situation to present to current or potential investors. This involves examining various economic business factors using predetermined formulas to assess the value of the business or an owner’s interest in a company financials.

Company Turnaround

Implementation of action plans to save businesses from failure and their revival to operate in normal flow and financially stability. This includes acting strong leadership, corporate restructuring and dismissals, failure root cause investigation, and long term strategies to strengthen the organization.

Exit Planning, Strategy and Execution

Exit planning, strategy and execution is defined that business value is maximized at time of exit, ensures owners personal and business goals are met and that tax burdens are minimized. We offer clients services in identifying goals and objectives as well alternative solutions, business valuation and pricing strategy, action plan development and implementation, coordination of accounting, tax, legal and other advisors for successful exit plan execution.

Outsourcing Financial Services

GBM Consulting offer services in following areas:

Independent Consulting

Prompt response and strategy implementation for project duration ranging from one week to twelve months.

Consulting Projects

Provide a full obligation and responsibility for consulting projects to customized client requirements.

Interim CFO

Services usually on a full-time basis, typically for one to three months, to help steer a company through a financial crisis, an operations change, preparation for a sale, or to bridge the gap between one CFO’s departure and the hiring of a new one.

Part-time CFO

Financial services to companies on an ongoing basis, it can range from a bare minimum few hours a week, usually for multiple clients depending work scope.

Controller Services

Provide a supporting role for a strategic CFO for projects such as determining cash flow issues, implementing new accounting systems, or helping raise capital. In general, an outsourced Controller’s main expertise is in tracking financial data and in reporting.

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